4 Great Ways Teens Can Make Money Blogging

Area of Study: CEE– Earning Income; JumpstartEmployment and Income


Help guide your students to financial success with these great tips from a teen blogger.Did you know that you can make money blogging? And in more ways than you think, too! Lots of people will pay for good writing, of course. But you may even be able to land speaking gigs and more! If you’re looking for a good side hustle or summer job, why not give it a go? One teen blogger shares her tips for turning a profit through blogging.


Key words

  • commission
  • monetize
  • blog
  • brand
  • income
  • companies
  • ambassadors
  • teens
  • website


1. What does the word commission mean?
2. What does the word monetize mean?
3. List all the ways that Eva earned money as a blogger.
4. What does Eva like to talk about?
5. What are your interests?
6. Would you be most comfortable talking to people who don’t share your interests or to people who do?
7. Do you follow any bloggers or subscribe to channels?
8. What are those bloggers doing that you could do?
9. What tips did Eva give that will help you earn money?
10. Use at least five of the key words listed below the article to write a paragraph starting with “I had wondered about making some money by blogging.”