Develop a savings habit early, and you’ll be set for life. Check out these 26 ways you can start saving today.

26 Money-Saving Hacks From A to Z

CEE Standard: Saving. 

Saving is a skill your students should learn early. Show them 26 of the best ways to develop the habit and set them up for a lifetime of good financial decisions.

Did you know an ideal emergency fund contains three to six months’ worth of living expenses? Or that investing in yourself by taking courses is a surefire way to grow both your income and your savings? There’s no end to small life changes you can make (and money-saving hacks you can use) that will add up over time.

Whether it’s nixing needless subscriptions or just double-checking your bank statement for duplicate fees, getting a handle on your finances now is the best way to start. This video has 26 money-saving hacks that will help you get the results you want.

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