Struggling to save money?  The founder of the Teenpreneur Conference, Eva Baker, shares her tips.

Teenpreneur Eva Talks About Saving Money

Do you have trouble saving your cash?

Join #teenageentrepreneur Eva Baker as she shares some thoughts about #savingmoney — this will benefit your class hugely! #incollege #frugalliving #inyour20sWell, it’s not just you.  Managing money, or budgeting, can be a challenge…even for adults.

Eva Baker, of teensgotcents, says that before she learned how to better handle her money, she would squander it on….lots of gum.

Then she came across the envelope system. Now she separates her money into sections that make sense for her goals.

Gifts like birthday and holiday money can be filed away in envelopes labeled anything from savings to giving, to….clothes shopping.

Here’s an article Eva wrote about the envelope system for CentSai Education.  In this video, she shows us what it is all about.