Entertainment does not have to ruin your budget. Here are 5 ways to be frugal and still have quality time with your friends.

5 Tips to Save Money When Going Out With Friends

We all know how expensive entertainment can be. Dinner, a movie, and popcorn can cost at least $50, and that’s just for one night out.  Ouch.   If that is your entertainment budget for the month—you have blown it in one day.

Who doesn't love spending time (and often money) outside of the classroom? Share some tips with your students on how they can save money when they do.And how do you handle situations where your friends want to do something unaffordable, but you don’t want to feel left out?  Blow your cash for the month regardless? It’s up to you, but we think there’s a better way.

Eva Baker, of Teens Got Cents, shares her top tips for making your time with friends more affordable without skimping on the fun factor.  It comes down to some creative thinking, a willingness to plan, and knowing where and how to economize.

Do you really need that bucket of movie-theater popcorn for $10?  And don’t get her started on the price of theater soda.  She definitely has an opinion!

Think of it this way: the money you save today is money you can put toward more important things in the future.   And your future is not as distant as you might think.

While it’s not something to run away from — “Bye, Felicia!” — it does require some planning.   That’s where CentSai Education wants to help.

Having a little cash socked away—aka an emergency fund—will help you manage any unexpected costs like car repairs or simply having the freedom to travel someone you have never been, on a day-trip with your friends or family.

Entertainment is key to anyone’s life, not just people learning to adult. And not all entertainment costs big bucks. So find that balance between what you need and what you want.  Many experiences you can share with friends and family cost nothing, but are invaluable.

At the end of the day, being in charge of your money is a sure way to feel independent.


  1. List the five things that Eva mentions in her video.
  2. Research your city and create a list of all the attractions and activities that you could participate in around your area. (Don’t forget the clubs that offer activities!)
  3. What do you currently do in your spare time and where do you go? Share with others in your class.
  4. You have visitors coming to visit from out of town. Unfortunately, you can’t be there with them for most of the day. Create an itinerary for them that costs under $25 per person. Include activities and food.