Eva knows how to make every dollar count. Show your students her smart shopping tips so they can become informed consumers, too.

Top 5 Tips to Get Sweet Shopping Deals

CEE Standard: Buying Goods and Services, and Saving

There are few things more valuable to teens than learning how to shop smartly. Show your students how teenpreneur Eva Baker does it in this short video filled with the best tips for smart buying.

If there is one thing Eva Baker loves, it is S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G.

As founder of the first-ever teen entrepreneur conference, she has her own business and knows how to manage money. She also rocks at finding good deals.

We’re not sure if she first learned how to be a smart shopper from her two cats, but Eva is here to tell you how to find great clothes at bargain prices.

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All students go shopping in one way or another. Show them how to get the best deals.