About Us
So what is CentSai Education?
It’s a place for discovering and discussing all things money. It’s the stuff your parents know about but you’d rather talk to us about instead. Kind of like your first crush. True, your parents could teach you a thing or two. But that’s disgusting. So instead of asking your parents about savings accounts, credit cards and whether or not it’s a good idea to spend your first paycheck on candy - you can get your answers here!
But I plan on marrying rich and never needing to worry about money!
Unfortunately/ fortunately that basically never works out well. If you don’t believe me, re-watch Titanic. Not even the Heart of the Ocean was enough to keep Rose in that relationship. Truth is, you’ll likely fall for a Jack. So knowing about money will come in handy.
But I don’t wanna grow up!
Some adults make life look hard and scary. But it doesn’t have to be! As an adult, you can do anything you want. It’s freaking fantastic!!! You just gotta play your cards right. CentSai Education shows you how.
Can’t I wait until I’m an adult to learn about this stuff?
Procrastinating on your homework is one thing. Procrastinating on your finances is far worse. You know those depressing statistics you hear on the evening news about student loans, underwater homes (not the cool kind you see in James Bond) and unemployment? Yeah. You don’t want to be a sad statistic. You want to do what you love as an adult. Much of that starts with being a financial rockstar.
But I hate math!
If you’ve graduated the fifth grade, your math skills are adequate for what we talk about. Plus, we allow calculators.
Is CentSai Education boring?
We talk about life and money. So... nope! It’s never boring around here. We write about some pretty shocking stuff. Nothing is taboo. Did I ever tell you about the time I… ?
Can you help me become rich and famous?
Pretty much. Though our lawyers say we can’t guarantee it. Becoming rich or famous isn’t easy but you can take the information on this website and run with it. And good call wanting to be rich and famous. Like Harry Potter. He was famous and loaded. Heck, he was the sole investor behind Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. What a baller.
If CentSai Education could be an animal - what animal would it be and why?
Who writes CentSai Education?
Your parents. JK. It’s a mix of experts and bloggers from all walks of life who like to spread the cheer of personal finance. We’re like a team of Santa Clauses.
Will you teach me the money basics?
Yes! Though hopefully you’re not basic.
Be a instead.
Will you teach me about how not to ruin my life with student loans?
Yep! We’ll save you from returning to your parents’ basement after college.
Will you teach me about credit and credit cards?
Absolutely! And we won’t be all like - “Credit cards are the devil!” or “Credit cards are awesome - you should own as many as possible!” Our advice is somewhere in between.
Once you’ve taught me how to be successful with money - will you also show me what to do with my wealth?
Absolutely. We’ll show you how to save, spend, invest and more.
Cool - so how can I start getting all the monies?
Start however you’d like! Want to read about personal finance through storytelling? Read our real money stories. Is video your jam? We have that too. Do you spend more time on social media than doing homework? We’re right there with you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

See ya around!
About Us
About Us