A Lesson in
Understanding Early
Debt Payoff

What Happens With Student Loan Debt

In this package, students will learn the pros and cons of paying off student debt early. We’ve selected three stories that drive home the main lesson behind this concept, a quiz to test your students’ ability to understand the concepts discussed, and resources to support your students’ needs.

Stories for This Lesson

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TIP: Write down the key concepts from each to put the entire lesson together.

Should You Pay Off Your Student Debt in College?
Should You Pay Off Your Student Loans Early?
8 Simple Ways to Crush Your Student Loan Debt

Quizzes for This Lesson

How fun to test your knowledge! The great thing is...no pressure, because this isn’t graded.

Saving for College

Resources to Help Solidify the Lesson

You’ve tested yourself and digested the key concepts of this quickie lesson, and now reinforcements have arrived. Here are some helpful resources.

Info for Currently Enrolled Students
Info for Students Enrolling in College
Student Loan Consolidation