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How to Start a Business as a Teen

Early Concepts for Starting a Business and Being an Entrepreneur

In this package, students will begin to understand the concepts behind starting a business while they’re young through examples and tips given by current and past teen entrepreneurs, aka teenpreneurs.

Stories for This Lesson

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TIP: Write down the key concepts from each piece to put the entire lesson together.

Never Too Early: 4 Teenpreneurs Share Tips on Starting a Business

Why Fostering Teen Entrepreneurship Matters

5 Lessons I Learned from Starting a Nonprofit… in High School!

Quizzes for This Lesson

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Financial Independence

Resources to Help Solidify the Lesson

You’ve digested the lesson’s key concepts and tested your knowledge. Now reinforcements have arrived. Here’s a helpful resource from an expert — a case study loaded with advanced knowledge.

Case Study: Side Hustle To Business