Making money may be serious business, but understanding how best to make use of money is quite fun! Inceptia's financial education program Financial Avenue helps people to learn about money in a way that will make you smile, and even laugh. CentSai Education is proud to be Inceptia's partner in bringing Knowl, the orange-eyed owl, who is a wealth of knowledge all things money.


CentSai Education loves Knowl and we both support financial wellness among teens. The online courses that we have cover the money smarts necessary to make those important decisions that will affect your daily life. Things like what is a need versus a want? How do you save for you first car? When do you need to start repaying your college loans? How much should you save from my summer job? Financial Avenue will give you the foundation you need to grow. CentSai Education is where you return to when you want to see teens putting their money skills into action. Check it out!

About Financial Avenue

Financial Avenue offers 10 online courses to help students gain life-long knowledge about the basics of personal money management. Using videos, interactive exercises, customized action plans, and supplemental tools and resources, Financial Avenue offers the following courses to help students build financial understanding: 

Success for All Students

Financial Avenue is designed to support student success by focusing on knowledge gain and transferring that knowledge into practical, real-world applications. From the customized learning environment to incourse activities to end-of-course action plans, students can practice and apply the financial education core competencies established by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Literacy & Education Commission.

Success Stories

Inceptia is a leader in financial education. Currently, there are nearly 15,000 users of Financial Avenue, and approximately 30,000 courses have been completed. We work with over 325 organizations nationwide, including high schools; public, private, two-year, and four-year higher education institutions; and non-higher education organizations.