Beyonce is, well, Beyonce.  But there is no reason why the same money smarts can’t apply to you.  It’s all about mindset.

Beyonce’s $ Lesson, ‘Pay my own fun, oh and I pay my own bills.’

Beyonce’s $ Lesson, ‘Pay my own fun, oh and I pay my own bills.’

Beyonce knows how to respect (and make) money. Her current net worth is estimated at $265 million. We all can’t have a hit like Lemonade, so how does her mantra apply to your life?

Paying your own way and being prepared for upcoming expenses is a great way to be a money boss. Help your students understand this early on and it will make a huge difference for them!Your best friend has announced that she’s getting married in Tahiti. It will be a beautiful destination wedding. It’s only six months away.

Your day job is paying you well, but not “destination wedding” well. You go online to look for another source of income. You start selling homemade necklaces on Etsy. You start a podcast. You start vlogging. Michelle Phan’s doing great, right? You become an Uber driver. Half your possessions end up on Craigslist.

You get a promotion at your day job. Things are looking up. You have money now – Tahiti money. Actually, you have more than Tahiti requires. What should you do with the extra cash? Spend it? Invest it? Place it securely under your mattress?

A raise is good, but you feel it may have come because the higher-ups are beginning to jump ship. The company is floundering, but wants to keep you around. Who else is hiring? Maybe you should jump ship, as well.

Your car is making a funny noise. Sounds costly. You go on that expensive Paleo diet to lose weight for the wedding. You need plane tickets. It has been so long since you’ve flown. You don’t remember how it even works. What are rewards miles again? How much is airport parking? Which airline has those tasty cookies? Delta? Southworst?

Destination weddings were unheard-of 60 years ago, as were many other things. People got a job and stuck to it life. There were fewer ways to spend your dough. And far fewer ways to invest it. Life was simple back then…

Today, though, people – especially young people – have  more financial concerns than at any point in history.

As our society advances, millennials face a multitude of responsibilities. We live in a world full of financial decisions. Today, we have more freedom than ever. It’s amazing! I mean, come on – we can go anywhere on the planet in less than a day. Pretty soon, we’ll have the option to go into space. Pretty incredible stuff. But freedom can also be scary when not treated properly.

Freedom and money go hand-in-hand. Financial wealth enables us to pursue our passions. Follow us here – or anywhere else – and you can get sound, finance-smart ideas. Do it. No one is as poor as the guy who knows it all!

Being finance-savvy leads to amazing things. Whatever you want in life, money will help you achieve those goals. Want to climb Mount Everest? Money. Want to start a company? Money. Want to provide for your family? Money. Why? Money buys value. Make no mistake. Do you value sunsets on the French Riviera? Cha-ching. Do you value a large comfortable house? Cha-ching. Do you value life experiences? Well…

Make no mistake, money isn’t the entire puzzle. But without it, the picture will never quite match your reality.

But wait. Perhaps you loathe spending your earnings. You just don’t feel the need for vacations, beautiful cars, or pedicures. Does that mean you should ignore money? No – of course not. Even if you hate money, I’m sure you support an organization that will gladly accept donations. Think about it like this: money that you control can go to any place of your choosing. You can give it to a friend, a relative, someone in need, an environmental protection agency, a presidential candidate…

Money helps make your dreams (or anyone else’s) become a reality.

Managing your wealth is more important today than ever. You have more ways to earn, save, invest, spend, and donate than at any other point in human history. To ignore the power of money is akin to not living life to the fullest.

Your best friend is getting married soon. You’ve saved more than enough. You’ve booked your plane ticket, and you’ve even paid for a friend to come along. Because of your financial savviness, you’re able to do a lot. You’re getting to support your best friend. You’re getting to travel. You’ve helped out a friend. You’ve earned memories that will last a lifetime. Money does this stuff. Money is never just about money. It’s about adding value where you see fit. Do you want to have a good life? Pay attention to your finances.