Many of us don’t think about hair as a line item in our budget, but we should. Here’s why.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Price of a Do

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Price of a Do

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Keeping up with the latest hair trends is something that is probably important to many of your students. Teach them how to save so they can have the hair of their dreams without going into debt!

Teens are known to spend a ton of money on all sorts of fake hair. Weaves, extensions, dyes, the list goes on. Help them to look their best and save money at the same time.In my detailed budget, there is one nonnegotiable line item: hair.

I’ve read stories of people in debt who just refuse to cut the cost of fake hair or other grooming practices out of their monthly budget. I am with them. Let me split some hairs here.

Types of Fake Hair

There are three main types of “fake hair usage.”

Wigs: These aren’t your grandma’s wigs. The wig game has changed. You would be shocked by how many people are rocking fabulous wigs these days (Donald Trump is not among them). Wigs range in price from $20 to $2,500.

Extensions: If you’re looking to make your hair look a little longer or thicker, extensions can be your friend. Similar to wigs, they can range in price from $85 to $1,500 (or much more, depending on where you are located in the United States). The hair can be glued, taped, or clipped into your hair.

Weaves: In this process, new hair woven into your existing hair after it has been braided. It can cost from $150 to several thousand dollars, depending on where you live, the length of time to do the process, the type of hair used (synthetic or real), and the length of hair that you want.

Why Have Fake Hair

In my view, there are three reasons why people may have fake hair.

First, it can be all about vanity. I used to fall into this group. I didn’t change my style all of the time, but sometimes you just feel like you need to change your look. Maybe your hair is short and you would like long and curly hair. Or, you have long hair but feel like rocking a short hairstyle. Wigs, weaves, and hair extensions give people ways to switch up their look as often as they would like and for as long as they would be willing to sit in their stylist’s chair.

Second, many people aren’t vain, but just have fake hair as part of their personal grooming regimen. They view fake hair in the same way as when you dye gray hair, get highlights, trim your ends… you get the picture.

Finally, there are people who suffer hair loss due to illness, bad hair care, or stress. I currently fall into this group, and it’s not a great feeling. Having fake hair available to me so that I can look my best is a huge blessing.

The Cost of Fake Hair

The average cost for a woman’s haircut is $44. When budgeting in the cost for your hair care, are you way above that average? If yes, what can you do to better manage that expense? What are you willing to give up to keep your hair expenses “reasonable”? No, I do not pay thousands of dollars for my fake hair. I average less than $25 a month in hair-care costs, and it’s worth every penny.

The reality is that the cost of maintaining your hair can get pretty pricey, especially if you’re a woman. I have friends who get highlights, Dominican blowouts, or Japanese ionic straightening. Those can start at a low of $45  (highlights) and go up to hundreds of dollars (straightening).

Alternatively, you could learn how to do your own hair. There are women who are styling their own wigs, putting in their own weaves, and dying their own hair. I personally don’t have the time or patience for that.

I do love going to beauty schools and letting students try their skills on me for less. It saves a lot of money, but usually takes way too much time.

Bottom Line

Hair can be a very emotional topic for many people, especially when you consider that it does affect a person’s self-esteem. I don’t judge — they are trying to look their best, just as I am. So I totally understand.

But I’m not willing to spend thousands of dollars or go broke to be hair-happy. I will try to do it in the most financial, responsible way possible. So until my hair is healthy again, fake hair will remain a line item in my budget.

Check List

  • How often do you get your hair done?
  • How much does a haircut cost you?
  • Is your hair and how it looks a big priority to you?
  • How much do you spend on hair-care products like shampoo?