get certifiedvideo

[VIDEO] Why Your Students Should Get Certified in High School

Lifeguard. Babysitter. Dog Walker. Camp Counselor. Show your students the value of a certification that they can get right now. We're talking increased employment opportunities, self-growth,...
Quiz: Get Your Investing Mojo On!

Quiz: Get Your Investing Mojo On!

Get Your Investing Mojo On!
personal riskvideo

[VIDEO] How Personal Risk Impacts Insurance

Insurance companies charge higher premiums to cover higher-risk individuals and events because the risk of monetary loss is greater for both these individuals and...
what are interest ratesvideo

[VIDEO] How Interest Rates and Savings Work

For a person who deposits money at a financial institution — let’s call them a “saver” — an interest rate is the price a...
credit mattersvideo

[VIDEO] How Credit Can Improve Your Life

Use this video to help your students understand why credit matters and how people can use it to help finance their education and housing....
product pricingvideo

Expressing the Price of a Product

Consumers are often influenced by the way the product pricing is expressed. This video explains why a store might advertise the price of a...
The Top 3 Investing Tips for Stock Market Beginners

The Top 3 Investing Tips for Stock Market Beginners

CEE Standard: Financial Investing Most students probably think that the stock market isn’t for them. They may think that they are too young and...
What is the Rule of 72?video

What is the Rule of 72?

CEE Standard: Saving. "The Rule of 72? I know it backward, dude!" "The Rule of 72? Pfft, I know it backward, man." That's what your students will...